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3 Major Lessons We’ve Learned From Our Users

November 26, 2018 in Wholesale

Over the last 13 months, we’ve learned a lot about selling on Amazon.

When James and I started Vendrive, we understood what new sellers went through because we’re Amazon sellers ourselves and had to go through the same struggles for the longest time.

We’d built our separate wholesale companies differently. James had his small warehouse and I opted for using prep centers exclusively.

I say this because we faced different struggles while growing.

For example, James had to handle building a small team to help him with prepping and shipping out his inventory. On the other hand, I had to focus more on watching costs and ensuring nothing went unnoticed since I never saw my inventory.

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Amazon Seller Account Set Up Guide (2018)

November 19, 2018 in Wholesale

If you’re confused on how to set up your Amazon seller account, don’t be.

It’s incredibly easy to do and we’ll make sure you’re ready to start selling by the end of this post.

Getting Started

Setting Up Your Amazon Seller’s Account

Picking Products

Securing Wholesale Suppliers

Protecting Against Potential Pitfalls



Getting Started

So you’ve decided to set up an Amazon Seller Account and you’re ready to get to work selling and distributing products through Amazon’s massive infrastructure. Great.

This basic guide gives you the rundown on what to do to get your FBA Amazon business online and profitable as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

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How To Analyze Competition and Sales Volume On Wholesale Products

November 14, 2018 in Wholesale

Knowing how to effectively source wholesale products is just the first phase of analyzing potential products.


Once you’ve zeroed in on a specific product, you’ll want to analyze how many units you could move each month with the current competition and sales volume.


Before we start actually analyzing sales volumes, we need to first understand how to calculate how many sellers we’re actually competing with.


Who you’re actually competing with on a listing


I’m sure you’ve found an amazing potential product on Amazon and noticed how many sellers were on the listing. Typically, it’s enough to drive you mad. There’s a massive difference between sellers on a listing and sellers you’re actually competing with.

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