Beta Releasing January 10th, 2022

Unifying Brands & Retailers.

Wholesale is broken.

 We're here to fix it with a commerce platform built for today.

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List your products for retailers without paying a commission on sales.
Sell your products in bulk with easy to build product catalogs and price sheets.
Fulfill individual orders placed through retailers with ease.

An end-to-end platform.

  Facilitating wholesale and dropshipping between brands and retailers.

Order Management

Manage orders.

Avoid overselling by connecting your inventory data, or allow backorders.
A single unified "inbox" for all of your orders, whether they're placed through Vendrive, by email, or over the phone. Stay organized by tracking every stage of your orders, from receipt to delivery. Give retailers this same level of visibility.

Collect payment.

Put your accounts receivable on auto-pilot. Stay on top of your open invoices.
Reclaim your team's time by spending less of it on chasing down payments and closing invoices. Integrate your existing payment processor, or use our own. Extend and manage net terms through the platform, or let us do it for you.
Brand Applications

Protect your brand.

Streamline the application process to sell your brand.
Control who can sell your products. Allow retailers to apply, and provide all the information you need to determine whether they're a good fit. Set pricing at the retailer level where needed.


Create easy to understand price sheets, and set minimum order quantities for your products. Adjust pricing for individual retailers as needed.


Quickly answer retailer questions, share order details, or announce new products to keep your retail buyers happy and feeling supported.

Asset Management

Ensure that your brand is represented correctly by sharing high-quality product images and assets for retailers to use in their stores and marketing campaigns.

Retail buying made easy.

  Keep retailers coming back again and again for reorders.

Order Suggestions

Easy ordering.

We'll recommend products and quantities that would sell through in your store.
Increase sales and build better relationships by reducing order friction for your retailers with a checkout experience as simple as ordering through Amazon. Automatically suggest products which might be a great fit for each individual retailer.
Net Terms

Improved cashflow.

All ships rise with the tide. Help spur growth in your retailers.
Whether you offer net terms or not, your retailers gain access to new payment methods which enable them to grow with you. We'll take on the risk of offering Net 60 terms to your retailers.
Better communication.
A brand and its retailers should function as one team.
Return management.
Submit return authorizations in an organized dashboard.
Shipment tracking.
Have visibility into where your orders are in the process, or geographically.
B2B buyers expect a consistently high-quality customer experience across all channels and are loyal to companies who deliver excellence daily.

Connect your data.


Sync purchase orders and invoices between your accounting and ERP software.


Never over-sell by keeping your inventory availability in sync with your inventory software.


Bring vendor your customer data from Vendrive into various CRM platforms.

Payment Processing

Use Vendrive Pay for seamless payment processing, or connect your own processor.

Freight & Shipping

Connect shipping software to generate labels and shipping quotes for orders and returns.


Fulfill orders with the click of a button by integrating with fulfillment providers directly.

Wholesale made easy.

Join the revolution.

Provide a world-class buying experience for your retailers.
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